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Burgan Bank Crowns Its Second Kanz Millionaire and Winner of KD 1,500,000 Prize

Burgan Bank Crowns Its Second Kanz Millionaire and Winner of KD 1,500,000 Prize

Saturday, February 17, 2024/ Editor -  


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As part of its overarching strategy for rewarding the Bank’s loyal customers

Kuwait, 17 February 2024 : Stemming from its committed strategy for rewarding its customers, elevating their lifestyle, and supporting them in achieving their aspirations,  Burgan Bank crowned the second winner of the Kanz annual KD1,500,000 draw prize, Ms. Zinab Maylood AlBader, in a celebration that was held at the Burgan head office and attended by the Bank’s top management only.

On this occasion, Mr. Nasser Al-Qaisi, General Manager - Retail Banking at Burgan Bank, said: “We are extremely happy for Ms. Zinab Maylood AlBader, and on behalf of Burgan’s top management, I extend my warmest congratulations to her on being the second Kanz millionaire and we wish all Kanz account customers better luck in the upcoming draws.” Adding: “The annual Kanz draw prize of KD1,500,000 is designed to be a turning point for the draw winners, setting them up for a life of more accessible possibilities where dreams are within reach. The Kanz account and its yearlong draw prizes are harmoniously in sync with our overarching transformation strategy, which the Bank continues to act upon on all fronts as it marches toward new horizons and a future of sustainable banking products and services.

“Kanz”… Realizing Dreams and Increasing Savings

Burgan’s Kanz account constitutes a pivotal element of the Bank’s ongoing retail banking strategy. It also manifests Burgan’s steadfast pursuit of innovation and development, which culminated in a varied range of banking products and services that are specially designed to reinforce the savings culture and deliver an outstanding banking experience for all customers, while responding to their evolving needs and aspirations.

Among several other offerings, Kanz pays great attention to the importance of rewarding customers for their loyalty throughout the entire year. In the case of Kanz, this is reflected in the valuable draws and cash prizes, which offer winners an opportunity to take confident action toward realizing their dreams and leading more fulfilled lives. Throughout the year, Kanz offers three types of draws: monthly, semi-annual, and annual. Whereas each month, 20 draw winners receive a KD 2,000 cash prize each, the semi-annual draw awards one winner a cash prize worth KD 500,000, reserving the biggest cash prize to the annual lucky Kanz draw winner who receives a KD 1,500,000 cash prize.

The Kanz account, which accepts a minimum deposit of KD 200, offers multiple easy and fast means for topping up the deposited amount, whether through any of the Bank’s digital platforms or by visiting the nearest branch. With every KD 25 accounting for a coupon, customers are encouraged to increase their Kanz savings for bigger chances of winning any of the year-round Kanz draws. It’s worth noting that all draws are selected electronically and randomly under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and external auditors, and in adherence to the standards and regulations of the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK).

Encouraging and Adopting the Savings Culture

Stemming from the Bank’s core philosophy, “Driven by You”, Kanz today sets a benchmark in the domestic market, for the wide range of benefits and rewards that it offers the Bank’s customers, serving as an ongoing expression of gratitude for their loyalty. Through the Kanz draws, benefits, and rewards, Burgan Bank seeks to raise its community’s awareness of the importance of maintaining a sound, balanced, and sustainable financial plan, which adopts, at its core, the concept of savings as an integral part of the plan.

Responding to its vital role as a trusted financial partner for its customers and community members, Burgan Bank spares no effort to continue innovating new solutions that deliver an outstanding banking experience and help customers make the best financial decisions, promising higher returns for them and their families.

In parallel, Burgan Bank continues to uphold its dedicated support for the “Let’s Be Aware” (Diraya) banking awareness campaign – led by the CBK and Kuwait Banking Association (KBA), with the support of all banks in Kuwait – for the fourth year in a row. As part of its social responsibility program and active contribution to Diraya, Burgan remains adamant about continuously producing valuable educational content about financial literacy and the importance of savings, which serves to aid the Bank’s customers and members of the community in their decision-making process, guiding them toward a more elevated and stable lifestyle.

Solutions That Serve Customers’ Needs

In these times of ever-evolving financial needs, especially the need for achieving financial stability, banking safety, and guaranteed returns, Burgan Bank continues to tune its digital banking innovations to serve its customers’ constant and changing aspirations and offer seamless solutions to their everyday needs – with Kanz serving as one prominent example of the Burgan’s efforts to enable its customers to fulfill their banking needs with ease and efficiency. With a vision to become the most modern and progressive bank in Kuwait, Burgan Bank continues to adopt the latest financial technologies to provide an unparalleled banking experience that is delivered through a wide range of progressive digital solutions, allowing its customers to lead a lifestyle of more convenience and control over their financials.

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