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KIB's Diraya travel tips and comprehensive approach to financial literacy empower travelers

KIB's Diraya travel tips and comprehensive approach to financial literacy empower travelers

Wednesday, June 12, 2024/ Editor -  


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Kuwait, 12 June 2024: Kuwait International Bank (KIB) continues to play a pivotal role in the “Let’s Be Aware” (Diraya) national campaign for the fourth consecutive year, remaining focused on raising the banking safety awareness of its customers and members of the community. As part of its steadfast efforts in this regard, the Bank is set on enabling stress-free international travel through its comprehensive financial literacy and security initiative, designed to arm customers with the necessary knowledge and tools for a seamless travel experience. KIB’s unwavering support for the Diraya campaign, which was launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) in collaboration with local banks, reflects the Bank’s commitment to customer empowerment and falls in line with its comprehensive social responsibility program.

Highlighting the significance of the initiative, Basil Al-Suwaidan, General Manager of the Information Security, Privacy, and Anti-Fraud Department at KIB, said: “In an era where travel no longer solely revolves around destinations but extends to seamless experiences, KIB is leading the charge in disseminating vital information about safe banking practices for travelers, in line with the goals of the ‘Let’s Be Aware’ campaign. The Bank is also committed to implementing excellent safety measures that aim to protect its customers’ banking information. To this end, the Bank’s support for the campaign is not just about preventing fraud; it’s about empowering our customers to manage their finances confidently and securely, no matter where they are in the world.”

As part of its efforts to spread the Diraya campaign’s awareness messages, KIB’s travel tips extended from practical advice on card usage and security to leveraging the KIB Mobile application for real-time financial management, allowing customers to monitor transactions, manage card security settings, and receive instant alerts, all designed to offer peace of mind during travel. KIB also emphasized the importance of choosing local currencies for transactions at POS terminals to avoid extra fees, as well as ensuring the physical security of banking cards.

Customers are encouraged to inform the Bank about their destination and planned expenditures, allowing KIB to tailor services and advice specifically to each person’s itinerary. The Bank also shared insights into the importance of staying vigilant while using ATMs abroad and the benefits of promptly reviewing account statements upon return, as part of a comprehensive approach to secure and informed financial management while traveling.

“These practices not only safeguard the customer’s financial assets but also ensure a smoother travel experience by minimizing possible financial disruptions,” Al-Suwaidan said, adding that “KIB is transforming how travelers interact with their money abroad, ensuring that they can focus on enjoying their journey without worrying about financial security.”

In his concluding remarks, Al-Suwaidan stated that KIB devotes attention to serving and supporting its customers as they travel abroad, pointing out that the Bank representatives are available for around-the-clock communication, whether through phone calls via the customer service center at the number (1866866), or the number (+96522957300) designated for international calls. Al-Suwaidan also mentioned the Bank’s electronic channels of communication, which include Live Chat and KIB Online services on the website and the video phone service through the KIB Mobile application on smartphones. Customers can also contact the Bank via the WhatsApp account registered on the local KIB number (1866866). All these communication channels are intended for general inquiries about products and services offered by the Bank all year long.




Before traveling:

1.    You should consider updating customer information regularly through visiting a branch or calling the KIB Contact Center.

2.    You should contact your bank to inform them that you will be using your credit card during your travel abroad – and make sure that you mention the countries you intend to visit, as well as the travel duration, in order to avoid blocking the card. That is because banks might stop cards suspected of any strange activity in some countries, as a precautionary measure to protect customers.

3.    Informing your bank of your flight prior to departure reduces the chances of unusual transactions being flagged as suspicious.

4.    Check the expiration/validity date of your bank cards and make sure they cover the period of your travel.

5.    Ensure that you have sufficient credit limits available in your credit cards. Also, make sure to check your bank account balance.

6.    Make sure to download and activate the KIB Mobile application, while allowing notifications, on your mobile device to keep track of your card usage and expenses while traveling.

7.    Make sure you have access to the internet in order to benefit from your online banking services and to facilitate some banking operations.

8.    Do not tell anyone your card password or your passcode for 3D Secure.

9.  KIB has never and will never ask you for password information via email, text or phone calls. Never click on any internet link received from emails that you do not know or do not trust.

10.  Write down the bank's contact numbers and keep them with you in a safe place away from the cards. Do not write your password anywhere, but memorize it well.

11.  Make sure to activate the SMS text messaging service and the app notification service in order for you to be notified of the transactions made on your accounts and cards.

While traveling:

1.    It is preferable not to use Wi-Fi services or public computers to access the bank's website and login to bank accounts, or open any message that requires clicking on any internet link on the smartphone or computer.

2.    All cards must be kept in a safe place and not left away from you for any reason.

3.    Cards should not all be kept in one place or in your wallet. They should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent damage.

4.    Do not give your card or password to anyone. And be sure to keep your card in your hand when you are making purchases. Note that lending your card to a family member or friend, with or without your knowledge, holds you fully responsible for all transactions made on it.

5.    When using an ATM, make sure the machine is checked and there are no foreign objects or devices installed on the machine. Your password must also be protected and prevented from being accessed by fraudsters, you can use your shoulders as a barrier while entering the password to prevent intruders.

6.    Do not ask for help from anyone, even if they are wearing clothes that are similar to the bank employees or security guards, and remember not to leave the receipt on the machine after the withdrawal process.

7.    In case the card gets stuck in an ATM, please contact KIB immediately without leaving the ATM to ensure that the card is blocked by the bank.

8.    It is always preferred to pay in the local currency of the country in which you are located and not in the Kuwaiti dinar.

9.    Check the screen of the 'Point of Sale' device to confirm the amount that you will pay before entering the password.

10.  Review your receipts carefully before signing them and before entering your password, and do not leave the line for service fees (“tips' or 'total amount') blank without data, and if you do not want to put a specific amount, you must put a line on it so as not to fall victim to fraud.

11.  Uphold all your receipts and receipts of rejected transactions, and review your operations and expenses regularly through the KIB Mobile application, its notifications, or SMS text message service.

12.  Activate the mobile service (roaming service) or provide an alternative contact number for the bank to enable it to contact you when you are abroad.

13.  If your card was lost, or if you face any problem related to credit cards, contact the call center immediately on: (+965022957300), designated for international calls.

After returning from travel:

1.    We recommend that you change your password after returning from travel, through the bank's branches or the ATMs deployed by the bank.

2.    Check all statements of accounts for your cards and review all receipts carefully along with your monthly statements when you return to Kuwait, and in case of any discrepancies or suspicious transactions, you must contact the bank immediately.


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